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about us

Canna Flora is a family-owned company founded in 2020, operating out of South Florida. Our passion is solely devoted around cannabis and you as a consumer. That's why it is our mission to always provide our customers with high-quality products they can trust. Combining extensive and thorough research, along with 30 years of cannabis knowledge and experience gives us the confidence to say our products truly are of the highest-grade in quality.

We are registered with the Florida Department of Agriculture as a licensed processor and manufacturer. All of our products are tested by a certified & accredited laboratory prior to being packaged and labeled for sale.

Processing, extraction, manufacturing, packaging and storage of all of our products is taken very seriously. Our SOP’s (standard operating procedures) are our number one priority and are applied at every aspect during operational procedures. We proudly stand behind each and every product we put the Canna Flora name on.
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about us


Full Spectrum Vape Cartridges

Our 1000mg vape cartridges are solvent-free, made from botanically-derived organic terpenes, and consist of a high-THC 9-cannabinoid blend.

As a craft-batch cannabis company, our menu features a selection of our customer's favorite falvorful strains as well as various limited edition seasonal flavors.

Organic Vegan THC+ Edibles

mg THC

per gummy
mg CBD

per gummy

per jar

Experience a new generation of gentle

Our 6-ingredient gummies are homemade in small batches in order to introduce new fan-favorite flavors while also controlling unique formulations and overall quality. Delicious and potent at 30mg total cannabionoids per serving, we have formulated our gummies without any gelatin, making them vegan-friendly! Their water-soluble nature makes for a quick on-set time, providing effects in under 30 minutes. 

*Our pop-top packaging is a biodegradable cellulose-based bioplastic, and is the first of its kind in the cannabis industry*

Sustainable Packaging

The current cannabis industry creates excess amounts of waste with their product packaging. We wanted to do our part in setting an eco-conscience example by choosing packaging options with sustainability in mind.

We are against all single-use plastics and strictly use cellulose-base bioplastics, reclaimed ocean-plastics and glass, biodegradable inks & environment-friendly labels.

OceanWorks Plastics

 380 million tons of plastic is produced globally each year. It is estimated that 3% of this ends up in the ocean, damaging critically important marine eco-systems.

We have proudly partnered with OceanWorks in order to help reduce the amount of plastics contaminating our oceans.  


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